Historic Mill District

At Town Meeting in May of 2015, Andover voters overwhelming approved the creation of the Historic Mill District (HMD).  This new zoning district encompasses nearly one hundred (100) acres between Main Street, Dundee Park, the Shawsheen River and Whole Foods Grocery Store.  The purpose of the HMD is to encourage smart growth development in proximity to Andover’s regional transit station by fostering a range of housing opportunities within mixed-use development projects.  

In order to help guide Andover’s Vision for future development within the HMD, the new bylaw allows for the development of design guidelines that are intended to help preserve and augment the HMD’s architectural qualities, historic character, and scale.  Seeking to build off the momentum and support of Town Meeting voters, the Board of Selectmen have established the Historic Mill District Task Force (Fall 2016), to assist in the development of design guidelines. 

On January 26, 2017, the Town of Andover, under the leadership of the HMD Task Force, made available an RFP for selection of an architecture and urban design firm to assist the Town in developing design guidelines for the HMD. The goal of the design guidelines are to preserve and augment the Historic Mill District’s architectural qualities, historic character and pedestrian scale.  
Following selection of a consultant in early March, the Task Force plans to host a series of community conversations to engage area residents, businesses and community leaders as to their thoughts for the district. The public meetings are targeted for late March/early April with notice being available on the Town website and Andover Townsman. 

Historic Mill District

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