Understanding Assessments

  1. Abatements

    If an abatement is granted, you will receive a notice in the mail showing the corrected tax amounts. Most abatements are granted on the basis of corrected or new information submitted to the Board.

  2. Appeal Process

    The key to the appeal process is understanding your rights and responsibilities.

  3. Appealing the Abatement or Denial

    You have the right to appeal the decision of the Board of Assessors in the Appellate Tax Board (ATB). The ATB is a State appeal process.

  4. Assessing & the Fair Market Value

    The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts require that each city and town keep all real estate assessments current. The State now requires that adjustments to assessments be made on an annual basis.

  5. Tax Billing

    The Town of Andover issues tax bills on a quarterly basis.