Town Clerk's Office

Welcome to the Town Clerk's Office website! We hope that you find the following information helpful and informative concerning the services that we provide to the residents of Andover.

New Businesses

View the “Guide for Doing Business in Andover” for a consolidated roadmap to help you start your business in the Town of Andover.


The Town Clerk's responsibilities include voter registrations, elections, town meeting, vital records and municipal licensing.
  1. Elections

    Get to know everything there is to know about elections - how to vote, absentee voting, even discover election results.

  2. Licensing

    The Board of Selectmen is the Licensing Authority for the Town of Andover. All applications and inquiries are handled by the Town Clerk, as Licensing Agent, and the Town Clerk’s Office.

  3. Marriage License

    Learn how to obtain a marriage license.

  4. Notary Services

    The Town Clerk's Office has notaries public who are available to notarize certain documents for $1.25 per seal.

  5. Town Meeting

  6. Vital Records

    If you are not sure where the record you seek is filed locally, you may contact the state Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.