Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Conservation Division relies on the hard work of a wonderful volunteer network to assist with the stewardship of the Town's conservation land and the maintenance of its many trails. Staff are always seeking assistance from interested volunteers to help with tasks ranging from invasive plant removal to education and outreach. Two types of volunteer programs are available:

Volunteer Stewards

Our Stewards are passionate about volunteering their time to the stewardship of specific conservation areas on a monthly basis. Community members are welcome to apply to be matched with their preferred reservation to assist with tasks including trail maintenance, sign installation, invasive plant control, trash cleanup, and visitor education (i.e., about leash laws) when necessary. Our volunteer stewards are also our eyes and ears, alerting conservation staff to any issues such as fallen or hazard trees, unusual activity, dumping, and encroachments. Stewards are responsible for completing and submitting an annual monitoring report for their property on boundaries, general trail use, any new or repeated management issues, wildlife observations, and more. 

Conservation Workdays

Not everyone is able to commit to monthly stewardship activities, but many community members are still interested in participating in group conservation events such as cleanups along the Merrimack River, trail maintenance efforts, minor building projects, and invasive plant removal efforts. Interested parties will be added to a listserv to be notified of workdays happening around Andover. 

If you would like to get involved with either of our volunteer programs, please fill out an application using the link below: