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At the 2017 Annual Town Meeting, residents were presented with private zoning articles which contemplated the allowance of limited residential development off Dascomb Road within the ID2 Zoning District. Although both articles were withdrawn from Town Meeting, there was a spirited community conversation regarding the merits of the proposal. 

 Since that time the owner of 146 Dascomb Road has expressed interest in moving forward with a project pursuant to existing zoning. With the goal of further investigating if housing within the ID2 Zoning District off Dascomb Road is an appropriate use for both an Industrial District as well as the Town as a whole.

On September 26, 2017, the Board of Selectmen approved the charge of the Task Force. Once populated, the Task Force will facilitate a public engagement process to:

• Review and analyze build-out scenarios (including but not limited to density, neighborhood impact, traffic implications) for the proposed development at 146 Dascomb Road based upon existing ID2 zoning

• Investigate proposed PUD (planned unit development) build-out scenarios (including but not limited to density, neighborhood impact, traffic implications and needed remediation) that would establish the differentiated impact of introducing limited housing options for this parcel

• Serve as the official point of communications to the Board of Selectmen and by extension, the town, in summarizing the developer's proposal's demonstrated adherence to local, state, and federal laws / code with specific regards to traffic remediation in the Dascomb Road interchange and also specific financial benefit to the town of Andover. 

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  1. Daniel Esdale

    Local Resident Member

  2. Janet Clarke

    Local Resident Member

  3. James Leahy

    Local Resident Member

  4. Elizabeth Hedstrom Henlin

    Local Resident Member

  5. Paul MacKay

    At-Large Resident Member

  6. Allen Townsend

    At-Large Resident Member

  7. Michael Morris Sr.

    Downtown Business Member

  8. Brad Duffin

    Local Business Member

  9. Paul Maue

    Design Review Board Member