MyAndover Mobile App

The Town of Andover is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile app - MyAndover. This free app will make it easier for residents to access the most frequently used functions of our website. Navigate to bill payment, property lookup, recycling information, online permits, and much more. Users can receive notifications through the app and engage with the town through its social media channels and newsflashes. 

The app has a different name and user experience for Android and Apple phones.  Apple users will download the “CivicMobile” app, and once it is downloaded, select Andover as the community in the opening screen.  Once Andover is selected, it becomes the default on the app until the user decides to change it.

Android users will download an app called “MyAndover” and it will appear on their phone. Below are links to download the app for both  Android and Apple users 

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Google Play (Android)

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