Restore Andover

Gas Disaster Affected Area Project Update - November, 2021 

Roadways- $13,965,000

As of October 31st, 2021, the Town has completed approximately 44% of the 19 miles of road restoration in the impacted area. Below is a list of streets completed to date. Roadway restoration accounts for approximately 82% of the total allocated funds at special town meeting as part of the Columbia Gas settlement.

Phase 1 - 2019

Street/Project From  To Treatment
School (1) Ridge Central Mill/Overlay
School  (2) Central Wheeler Mill/Overlay
Stirling Sutherland End Mill/Overlay
Whittemore Stirling  End Mill/Overlay
Balmoral Main/Route 28 End Mill/Overlay
York Burnham Balmoral Mill/Overlay
Carrisbrooke Burnham Balmoral Mill/Overlay
Argyle Burnham Balmoral  Mill/Overlay
Arundel  Burnham Balmoral Mill/Overlay
Burnham (1) High Dufton Mill/Overlay
Burnham (2) Dufton  Balmoral Mill/Overlay
High (3) Haverhill/Route 133 Town Line Mill/Overlay
Cassimere Stevens End Mill/Overlay
Dufton Burnham  Enmore Mill/Overlay

Phase 2 - 2020

Street/Project From  To Treatment
Celia Topping End Mill/Overlay
Corbett Townline I-495 Reclaim
Foster  Elm Whittier Mill/Overlay
Flint  High High Mill/Overlay
High (1) Elm Walnut Reclaim
High (2) Walnut Burnham Reclaim
Howell Foster Summer Mill/Overlay
Juliette  Corbett Fowler Reclaim
Maple Elm Walnut Reclaim
McKenney Fowler Fowler Mill/Overlay
Topping Corbett Fowler Reclaim
Walker Fowler End Mill/Overlay
Walnut High House # 18 Full Depth 
Enmore  Dufton Haverhill Reclaim
Fowler Juliette Walker Mill/Overlay
Binney S. Union End Reclaim
Shepley S. Union End Reclaim
S. Union  I-495 Shepley Mill/Overlay

Phase 3 - 2021

Street/Project From To Treatment
Bartlett Street Wheeler Street Barnard Street Mill/Overlay
Brook Street Essex Street Central Street Mill/Overlay
Central Street (2) School Street Phillips Street Reclaim
Chestnut Street Central Street Main Street Reclaim
Dufton Road Enmore Street Linwood Road Mill/Overlay
Elm Court Elm Street Dead End Mill/Overlay
Locke Street Main Street School Street Reclaim
Main Street Punchard Avenue Wheeler Street Mill/Overlay
Morton Street School Street Bartlett Street Mill/Overlay
Old South Lane Central Street Dead End Reclaim
Punchard Avenue Main Street Bartlett Street Reclaim
Wheeler Street School Street Bartlett Street Mill/Overlay

Phase 4 - 2022

Street/Project From To Treatment
Argyle Street Haverhill Street Balmoral Street Mill/Overlay
Brechin Terrace Shawsheen Road Dead End Mill/Overlay
Carmel Road Elm Street Dead End Reclaim
Castle Heights Road North Main Street Dead End Reclaim
Central Street North Main Street School Street Mill/Overlay
Chestnut Street Whittier Court Main Street Reclaim
Cuba Street Red Spring Road Shawsheen Road Reclaim
Elm Street North Main Street Burton Farm Road Mill/Overlay
Harding Street High Street North Main Street Mill/Overlay
Joyce Terrace Castle Heights Road Dead End Reclaim
Judson Road Bartlet Street Dead End Reclaim
Linwood Street Haverhill Street Dufton Road Reclaim
Lockway Road Walnut Avenue Carmel Road Reclaim
Moraine Street Red Spring Road School Street Reclaim
Railroad Street Essex Street North Main Street Reclaim
Red Spring Road Reservation Road Shawsheen Road Reclaim
Rock O Dundee Road Burnham Road Rock O Dundee Road Reclaim
Shawsheen Road Red Spring Road Smithshire Estates Reclaim
Smithshire Estates Shawsheen Road Dead End Reclaim
Stevens Street Shawsheen Road Shawsheen River Reclaim
Walnut Avenue Elm Street Maple Avenue Reclaim
York Street Balmoral Street Haverhill Street Mill/Overlay

Trees- $100,000

Tree plantings in the impacted area will occur when road and sidewalk work is complete in the impacted area. A portion of these funds will also be used to complete a management plan that will the Town best identify appropriate species of street trees and methods for replanting in this area.

Route 133 Design- $500,000

The Town of Andover Planning and Public Works Departments are seeking to make long-needed improvements to the Lowell Street (Route 133) corridor, which is a vital roadway for residents and businesses of Andover and the local region. The project limits will extend approximately 1.25 miles, from West Parish to Shawsheen Village, and will include upgrades at the intersections with Beacon Street/Shawsheen Road and Main Street (Route 28). The project incorporates accommodations for all users and various modes of transportation, including vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders.

As part of the Columbia Gas settlement, funds were designated for design of this project. To date, preliminary survey work, traffic counts, and a feasibility study have been completed. The next steps will be to engage the public through a survey and informational meetings to further design.

Please click here for more information on this project:

route 133 design

Senior Center Renovation and Expansion- $500,000

The Senior Center renovation and expansion project was began in the spring of 2020 and was completed in the spring of 2021. Now known as the Robb Center named for Don and Vicky Robb, the Robb Center has been fully renovated and has more functional space to serve Andover Seniors and our community. 

The $500,000 appropriation included as part of the Columbia Gas settlement will be utilized to replace the old Senior Center windows, allow for the installation of walk in refrigeration, and installation of ADA accessible showers.

Playstead and Downtown Connectivity/Senior Center Parking- $950,000

 This connectivity project will create a seamless transition from Downtown to the Municipal Complex and Playstead by making infrastructure improvements to Bartlet Street, Park, Street, and Barnard Street. This work will be performed in conjunction with the reconstruction of Lots 1 and 2 behind Old Town Hall. This will also connect to the proposed parking area for the senior center on the portion of the Playstead where T-Ball is currently played. The Senior Center expanded parking lot is currently before the Conservation Commission and would add 56 parking spots for the Town Office Complex. This project also includes ADA accessibility, drainage, parking lot realignment, trees, and green infrastructure in Lots 1 and 2 as well as road and sidewalk improvements on Barnard, Park, and Bartlet Street.

Senior Center Parking Area Proposed Design

Senior Center Parking Area Filing Information

lots 1 2

Rec Park Bath House- $950,000

In the Fall of 2019, the Town completed a feasibility and initial design of a Bath House at Rec Park that could be utilized for showers in the case of a Town wide emergency as shown on the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, preliminary estimates came back much higher than anticipated. This project has been put on hold indefinitely.

An organizational decision was made to utilize this 5% of the total appropriated funds to enhance the already approved projects within the impacted area which included $720,080 for the Downtown Connectivity/Senior Center Parking project and $200,000 to be placed in contingency for the Senior Center Renovation and Expansion.

Information related to the restoration and recovery process following the Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster of 2018

After Action Reports

Andover After Action Report by Ed Davis Company LLC

Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster After Action Report by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Public Works Restoration Information

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Town of Andover Recovery and Restoration Plan

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National Transportation Safety Board - Executive Summary of Findings and Probable Cause

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Special Town Meeting 

There will be a Special Town Meeting on June 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Andover Memorial Auditorium, 36 Bartlet Street. There will be two articles on the Special Town Meeting Warrant. The first article will be to establish capital fund accounts from settlement funds received from Columbia Gas, and the second article will authorize funds for water main replacement projects. 

Town Meeting Location Note: Please note, the Special Town Meeting will not be held in the Collins Center where Town Meetings are typically held - the Special Town Meeting will be in the Andover Memorial Auditorium behind the Town Office Building. 

Public Information Sessions

There will be three public information sessions to learn more about the Special Town Meeting. The sessions will be held at the following times and locations 

June 11th - Memorial Hall Library - Third Floor - 7:00 PM

June 12th - Town Offices - Third Floor - 8:00 AM - Watch the Andover TV Recording! 

June 17th - Town Offices - Third Floor - 6:00 PM 

Special Town Meeting Warrant

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Special Town Meeting Finance Committee Report

Click here to view the Special Town Finance Committee Report

Settlement with Columbia Gas and Andover, North Andover and Lawrence

Click here to view the Settlement Agreement between the Towns of Andover and North Andover and the City of Lawrence