What We Do

Under the general direction of the Town Manager, the Sustainability Coordinator develops and administers programs and policy initiatives to advance Andover’s sustainability profile. Specifically, the Sustainability Coordinator will:

• Develop a climate and sustainability action plan

• Set town-wide sustainability goals and track progress

• Coordinate sustainability efforts for Town departments and residents

• Andover Community Choice Aggregation (See Below)

• Energy Efficiency Efforts

• Solid Waste Reduction Efforts

Potable Water Conservation Efforts  

• Manage Andover’s State and Federal environmental and energy programs, including Green Community and Clean Cities

• Identify and apply to other grant opportunities

• Work with Andover Public Schools and Public Works to develop sustainability initiatives

• Publish a monthly newsletter as well as social media posts to connect with the Andover Community

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

Great news! At the Annual Town Meeting held on September 12, 2020, Andover voters overwhelmingly approved moving forward with Community Choice Aggregation! The next steps for the Town will be to assemble a Design Team and to develop an Aggregation Plan. 

GreenThumbCommunity Choice Aggregation (CCA) is the process by which a town or city purchases electricity in bulk from a competitive supplier on behalf of the residents and businesses within the community. The program would give consumers greater control over the price and content of their electricity supply by offering one or more alternatives to National Grid’s Basic Service. It would also allow customers to resume National Grid Basic Service at any time, with no penalty or fee. National Grid would continue to be the distributor and billing agent. 

Read the 2020 Green Municipal Aggregation Report

AndoverCCA_LogoExplore the impact of aggregation on your electricity bill, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and learn more from other Resources found at

To implement CCA in Andover, the Town must take the following steps:

  1. Vote at Town Meeting to authorize the town to initiate the program (COMPLETED)
  2. Plan the program in consultation with MA Department of Energy Resources
  3. Make the plan available for review by citizens
  4. Secure approval of the plan by the Select Board
  5. Submit the plan to MA Department of Public Utilities for final approval


12/16/2019 - Presentation on Community Choice Aggregation to the Select Board

01/08/2020 - First Community Choice Aggregation Public Forum at the Memorial Hall Library (AndoverTV video footage)

05/22/2020, 05/27/2020, 06/15/2020 and 09/09/2020- Andover Community Choice Aggregation Virtual Public Forum. Advanced registration for these events are required! The presentations and event recording(s) will be available on this page following the events.

Slides from the Virtual Public Forums can be downloaded here.

AndoverTV video recording of the May 27, 2020 Virtual Public Forum can be accessed here.


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